1) What is the cut-off time to place an order?

Deliveries – Midday the day before

Pick-up – 4 hours prior to pick-up

2) What days and times do you deliver?

See the delivery schedule here

If a central pick-up location is yet to be available in your town you can arrange a home delivery at a cost of $12.00.

3) Where is home delivery available?

Home delivery is available in the Bathurst, Eglinton, Kelso & Raglan residential areas at a cost of $12.00.  Other order areas have Home Delivery available in their town limits and some have a central pick-up location – orders delivered to a central pick-up location incur no delivery fee however their is a minimum purchase of $50.00.

4) Can I pick up my online order in Bathurst?

Yes, our Retail store is open M-F 8am – 6.30pm, Sat 8am – 2.30pm where your order will be packed up ready for you.  Please allow 4 hours between placing your order and pick-up.

5) Is there a cut-off time to cancel an order?

Yes, orders must be cancelled before midday the day before delivery

6) What is my order delivered in?

A “Country Fruit” insulated cooler bag and Styrofoam Seafood box (if Seafood ordered) which will attract a charge of $6.00. A credit will be available in your shopping cart upon return of Bag and Box to delivery driver or central pick-up point. (If you decide not to purchase from us at any stage in the future your $6.00 will be refunded upon return of your cooler bag and box to our store).

7) What happens if I am not home when my order is delivered?

We will always endeavour to leave your order in a secure, sheltered and shaded area, however specific instructions may be left in our “comments” box at the bottom of your order page.

8) Is there a minimum order?

Pick-up’s from our store have a minimum purchase of $35.00

All Home Deliveries have a minimum purchase of $35.00 plus the $12.00 delivery fee and refundable $6.00 bag/box fee

All deliveries to a central pick-up location have a minimum purchase of $50.00 however no delivery fee just the refundable $6.00 bag/box fee.

9) Where do you source your product from?  Is it Australian grown?

We source Australian grown and more importantly locally grown in our region whenever possible.

10) How does Country Fruit’s quality compare to other Retailers/Supermarkets?

Country Fruit has been awarded ‘Regional Greengrocer of the Year’ by Sydney Markets Ltd for the past 6 years so you can be assured we have the best quality available at all times.

11) What should I do if there is a mistake with my order or an unsatisfactory item?

Please contact us immediately and we will discuss the options for replacement or credit.

12) What happens if something I order is not available?

We will endeavour to contact you before your order is dispatched to discuss options.  If we are unable to contact you a credit will be placed in your shopping cart for the item.

13) How do I pay and are my details secure?

We use PayWay Westpac