Pick Up & Deliveries

Pick Up’s

Orders may be picked up from our George St. store between 9am and 6pm Mon-Fri, or 9am and 2pm Sat.  Your order will be packed in our usual grocery bags and kept in our coolrooms until you arrive.  There are no additional costs incurred however a minimum purchase of $35.00 applies. 


All delivery orders will be packed in an insulated cooler bag and Styrofoam Seafood box (if Seafood ordered) to retain the freshness of your produce.  This will incur a $6.00 charge which is refundable upon return.  Please leave your name/address label and your styrofoam box (if Seafood was ordered) in your bag to identify returns.  You may either leave your bag out on the day of your next delivery or drop back to our central pick-up point if ordering from Orange area.  Once your bag/box is returned a credit voucher will be available in your online shopping cart.


Deliveries in Bathurst, Kelso, Raglan & Eglinton residential areas will occur between 9am and 2pm daily.  Please specify a secure/sheltered area for your delivery if you won’t be at home.

Other areas have the option of either home delivery or a central pick-up point if in Orange area.

OberonTuesday12 noon MondayHome Delivery only 2pm – 3pm 
PortlandTues & Fri12 noon Previous DayHome Delivery only 11am – 2pm  
WallerawangTues & Fri12 noon Previous DayHome Delivery only 11am – 2pm  
LithgowTues & Fri12 noon Previous DayHome Delivery only 1pm – 2pm  
OrangeWed & Fri12 noon Previous DayM & J’s Butchery,
30 Moulder St, Orange
or Home Delivery
 from 11am  
CowraThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 12 noon 
ManduramaThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 12 noon  
YoungThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 1pm 
GrenfellThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 2pm 
ParkesThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 3pm 
ForbesThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 3pm 
CanowindraThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 4pm 
GilgandraWednesday12 noon TuesdayHome Delivery only 3pm 
KandosWednesday12 noon TuesdayHome Delivery only 12 noon 
RylstoneWednesday12 noon TuesdayHome Delivery only 1pm  
Upper Blue Mtns – BlackheathWed & Fri12 noon Previous DayHome Delivery only from 3pm  
Upper Blue Mtns – LeuraWed & Fri12 noon Previous DayHome Delivery only from 3pm  
MillthorpeWed & Fri12 noon Previous DayHome Delivery only 4pm 
BlayneyThursday12 noon WednesdayHome Delivery only 12 noon – 2pm  
MolongFriday12 noon ThursdayHome Delivery only 10am 
WellingtonFriday12 noon ThursdayHome Delivery only 11am 
DubboWed & Fri12 noon Previous DayHome Delivery only 1pm 
MudgeeFriday12 noon ThursdayHome Delivery only 2pm  
GulgongFriday12 noon ThursdayHome Delivery only 3pm 
DunedooFriday12 noon ThursdayHome Delivery only 4pm 
Peak HillFriday12 noon ThursdayHome Delivery only 3pm